i made it to the doctor's this morning

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Had a major coffee disaster in the waiting area, failed to fill out a form correctly, and sick and lame people running around in a panic. We wrapped me in paper towels and took my blood pressure. My blood pressure is PERFECT. It's my brain. It's my brain. It's my consarn brain.

I'd made notes. I performed my part of my encounter with my doctor brilliantly, didn't miss any details because they were right there written down on a 3x5 card. He checked to make sure I hadn't missed anything. He upped my thyroid prescription without giving me ANY shit... AND for the right kind. He re-upped my chill pill stash. Now the only hitch will be the pharmacy. I will raise the dead with screams if they do not perform to specs.

Meanwhile, I want you to know that I have been stroking my frustration with this bit and zoning out on this one, while waiting for the ability to be a functioning maniac again.

Also, heard along the grapevine this morning that Amber Heard has left Johnny Depp. We're all shocked. Shocked.

You should also know that no animals or "medical professionals" were harmed in the course of today's adventure. A computer just called to tell me I'd won a trip to the Ivory... great crashing and cursing and possibly disabled telephone... Coast? Towers Resort? Burn pile? Fields in Siberia? NO one cares.

always and any time....