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You all know I heavily disapprove of this leaving of the mother of your children for some young juicy thing when your second childhood hits you. Even though it is most usual, so usual we can almost call it normal, it's not the least bit manly. It's beyond risible and too childish to be borne.

But I think Johnny is being charged a much too hefty fine for his, hopefully temporary, insanity, and I am amazed to report that Doug Stanhope, of all people, has come out and repented his sick ego to stand up for his friend. THAT is manly, and I feel like smacking all these candy ass fucks who have to bleep out his cussing and blunt the full effect of it.

I don't believe Depp harmed a hair on her head, but that isn't my mission. I just know how hard it is for anyone with any connection to Hollywood to come out and admit their shame and visibly try to do better. The ego never gets this on its own. It needs to be forced down its throat.

It would rather kill you than let you "die" like this... when the answer to everything that hurts you is to make it fuck off and die instead of keep "protecting" you like that. It's not even as natural a thing as you suppose, either, you fucks. It's been ground into you by the powers that exert themselves on the masses, the psychopaths, from earliest childhood and unrelenting even up to and including right this very now.

They are training you to let your kid fall into the gorilla habitat and not jump in after him. They are training you to see that gorgeous silverback as a threat instead of a savior of all women and children. They are training you to stand outside the gorilla habitat and Johnny Depp habitat and yimmer and screech and hoot away like distressed chimpanzees losing their shit and flinging it in every direction.


You know why... and you still can't help yourselves.

always and any time....