maybe it's a genetic mutation

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Or a perverted epigenetic expression of a normal gene, to grow into someone who would take by force what isn't theirs to take, because, if you think about it, before civilization we didn't have populations so pervasive it made making a living any other way impossible. Regular humans just are not, and have never been, disposed to carnage absent some terrifying prospect making us think we need to resort to violence.

We can't be controlled without the regular application of fear inducing news.

But the only ones who want to control us are the mutant or defective ones.

So disinclined to violence and mayhem are we, in fact, we are disposed to let them, especially where it serves to quell the basic existential terror everyone feels when we see how vulnerable we are to the brute forces of nature.

The problem is millennia old. This does not mean it cannot be helped, that we are helpless. It just means we need to unchain our minds and function.

always and any time....