we knew it

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I told you European countries were not going to stand for this sanctions shit, would ignore it while saying they were honoring it, and jo6pac's been talking workarounds. We knew it.

Personally, I think this is why there's been so much psychopath provocateuring and black ops terror attacks in European capitals since it became apparent to anyone with a brain that the Russia sanctions baloney was going to be cosmetic at best.

But. The only winners in the mass immigration and refugee influx are the psychopaths after global control. The only winners in all their destabilization ploys are the psychopaths. The only reason they are so successful, despite anyone with a brain knowing their shit is shit, is because there are throngs of young men who cannot feed themselves, let alone their families, and they will take the pay from anyone, even The Great Satan, which in turn will run out hundreds of thousands more who are then driven out of what living they could make for their families.

In short, even as people with brains can see the psychopathic fucks should be stopped, the only way to stop them is to stop money being able to buy young men. I don't know about other places, but for certain Yugoslavia and Libya were places where young men could not be bought... because they lived in happy, fair societies where everyone could eat and live a decent lifestyle.

Think about it, would you?

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