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Horse shit. A mob of thugs in black and face masks with clubs and knives? Mindfucked. Vicious and puerile boobs. I guess my little evil insight wasn't off the mark.

I know I spent a lot of time arguing for revolution, but the psychopaths have that covered. Don't protest. Either do what it takes to make something stop or take the time to spiritually awaken.

"Direct action" is not going to a protest to bonk people on the head. It is going into the offices of the perpetrators to bonk them on the head. Preferably metaphorically, but whatever works. If you don't have the gonads or the mental clarity to do that, fix yourself and then help kids fix themselves.

This shit only works because you're not doing that.

And by the time you've succeeded the perps will be too naked to stop you.

always and any time....