do you even want to try to stop thinking i'm crazy?

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You should watch this, listen with all your attention, set it next to what they taught you in school and keep bringing up on PBS and popular science publications. No. Really. You owe it to yourself and to posterity.

Do remember how I flipped out when it was shown last year that what they've been calling "black holes" out there are actually QUASARS... this will give you the hint why I got so mad... why I don't believe a fucking word out of any mainstream mouth... and why you shouldn't either.

And why the recent "detection" of a gravity wave uncorked my bottle.

But, but, how can you be so sure, you ask. The response most likely to resonate is because it actually explains things, but the real response is that "truth makes music" as Einstein was wont to say. It doesn't make your head swim. It doesn't admit only madmen with doctoral degrees. Everyone can understand it, can dance to it.

always and any time....