for the last hour

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Sirens of every description have been going off like the asteroid must've just hit. Sounds of very large vehicles barreling down the highway. So I decided to try to tune in and figure it out.

So far I've gotten "I'm with a family member right now," and "Only believe I copied 1180 but the rest broke up," and then, just now, they're talking about opening the roadway, and then something something something something "to get it off the roadway."

Most of this adds up to a major injury accident. But it has sounded as though there were a number of people involved and also fire. I have not budged.

I will skip the grocery trip today and just do a short hop down to the little ripoff market later to get through until tomorrow.


Soon as I hit "Publish" they're talking about "the car in the brush... the owner's here now"... and suddenly I'm thinking it was another kid stealing a car and being chased into this 1180.

always and any time....