gotta warn ya

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After you have cleaned up your diet and are finally not adding more weight to your demise, going to eat at a restaurant is a risky business.

I mean, maybe I was getting sick before I went. It really was a ridiculous scene. Let's just put it this way, I was worried that if there were security tape footage of my dining experience, someone in a position of authority might have been called. I do, though, think it was just my protracted hermitage and feeling so unhappy about God's Champion that turned me into so dysfunctional as pertains to that particular meal.

They might've called an ambulance, just to be on the safe side.

Anyway. The very first thing I did upon my miraculous return from the agora, was to order new cheaters. I knew I didn't have to check the news or the master Twitface feeds for confirmation of what I knew when I watched that glorious sunset.

I was pretty sad and pretty tired and a good night's sleep, or even part of one and I'd be here, Zenly, ludicrously, awaiting the delivery of some reasonably-priced and esthetically-pleasing means to have foreknowledge of solid objects in my path and hints at the letters and pictures on my computer screen.

So I got my sad and tired and wobbly bones into bed and did almost immediately fall half-asleep and got even, say, five minutes of full-sleep before it became apparent that things were not going to go well for me if I didn't get out of bed.

I did not barf. I put about six drops of Lugol's in a couple swigs of distilled water to be sure there was something in me killing whatever was trying to take over my innards, but it was a battle to the end... a very long one. Maybe the longest case of lethal dyspepsia in my history on this planet.

I think I feel like total crap now, but to be honest, it was much worse until long after the sun had come up this morning. Now I have to find some pants so as not to scare people down in Fort Dick when I go to get more water and some cream for my coffee, something to tide me over until I can think and act and eat again like the semi-normal human I want to trick people into thinking I must be.

always and any time....