i am fed up with this shit

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It is not, nor has it ever been, Cinderella's intention to protect the environment, or to stop torture, or to do even one altruistic thing. It was a brilliant piece of work to put him up for this post in 2008 because it was the last shred of an ability to pull the last ions of hope out of the people.

He wasn't "in charge" for three months before I was dead certain how badly we'd been fucked, and I am appalled by how long it's taken some others to understand, and, worst, by the light it's cast on the mental condition of entirely too many Americans.

He not only has had no intention to impede fracking, he had no idea what the intentions of the people he was told to appoint had been or would be. He doesn't care. He never did. He's completely removed from anything real, just like so many of the herd animals alive and mingling in the general public save for one crucial distinction. They could be awakened to the truth, given the right amount of deprogramming. He can't.

Psychopaths lack that capacity.

The powers in Russia understand this at least as well as I do, and I can't take this politically-astute "journalism" another split nanosecond, without losing my shit.

always and any time....