still keeping half an eye on it

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Even though the idiocy of my neighbors mortifies me worse than most things, I try to keep half aware of the ceaseless litany of criminal activity between me and the people I love. Today I even made so bold as to look at the whole post and the comments.

When are these morons going to cotton to the fact that cops busting people with cash is not happenstance? After a few years of reading about cops finding the one motel room out of thousands that contains large amounts of cash, and the one motorist on 101 carrying a large amount of cash, they still don't tumble to the truth... or is it that they can't bring themselves to mention it?

Our currency comes now replete with ID strips and there are readers that can count it from whatever distance in whatever container, save maybe a properly insulated one that is placed by or in something innocently metal.

What I want to know is when gangster cops stop being the villains and these idiots start getting the blame for being too cowardly to do anything about it.

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