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But try looking at this in the context of a Turkish guy who's risen to power and just wants what he thinks is best for his people. He's a Muslim, but almost certainly not the fanatical kind, and the fanatical kind are not nearly as fanatical as they are made out to be. There are people paid to be "fanatical Muslims" for fun and profit and show... and there are Muslims so sick of being fucked by the rest of the world, yes, they have copped attitudes about it... but so would you, and anyone you know. So. Right. Basic powerful Turkish Muslim who wants the best for Turkey.

We can't judge if what he wants will turn out to be the best for them, but we can, at least for this meditation, assume he's just a human who wants his country to be an integral part of the modern world, not a backward and hopeless theocracy. He's been pinning his hopes on EU membership toward that end for a long time, but he's found psychopaths nested in every aspect of its levers of power and been blackmailed and buried in disingenuous inducements by them for all this time and, hark, lo these many years into his frustrating ordeal, wherein he even flirted with the bear to try to get things moving, he realizes, like many of us do at some point:

Hey, this is not the ordinary human course of geopolitics!

These are
psychopaths and we're in trouble deep.

Yeah, no shit Sherlock. Welcome to the third millennium.

Except, oh, fuck, they've moved their stooges into every branch of his governing capacity. He's not a "president". He's a hostage. A damn puppet who only likes to think he's in charge. Every time he tries to press it, the infrastructure subverts it. Sometimes they even do shit without telling him and if he doesn't want to look like a jackass in front of the whole world, he backs them, even though he'd rather kill them.

He mentions his plight to someone he knows knows the score. That someone offers to help, helps plot the perfect way to purge the psychopath influence out of his government, but it has to look right or it'll bring down too much trouble.

Then, does a monster Wikileak against him work for or against this liberation plan? Is it better he looks like a thwarted fellow psychopath or like a fiendish dictator who eats braised kafiri babies for snacks? Would this Wikileaks thing be leaked by friend or retaliatory foe? Both sides would have the power to fuck with Wikileaks awesomeness on this scale, and both sides would have different compelling reasons to do it. So we are left to wonder if it ends up good to get this information public.

Just bear in mind, it is globalist/fascist/psychopathy on the one side and regular human power structures on the other. The former has a death grip on most of the world, but it's not permanently unbreakable everywhere. There keep being setbacks and they keep having to re-establish their hold. The latter is the regular human world, with regular human qualities.

Humans have courage in widely varying degrees. It ranges from outright 100% lifelong pusillanimity to outright 100% death defying. Even those who could never be induced to employ it publicly, will use it if they are certain it will be secret, that there is almost no chance of ever being found out by the bad guys. But there are lots of people who will not brook being forced to harm the world for a fucking paycheck and pension, and smart enough to KNOW it's not good enough merely to quit.

Sometimes it's better to covertly subvert the dominant psychopaths... the fiends who only think they are the paradigm.

Or... not.

It could shake out a bunch of different ways, but I think Brexit only made the yearning for freedom from psychopaths in the EU radically stronger, and they do not need the United States anymore. They've got Russia and China... and all that's been slowing them is the murdering psychopaths murdering to keep control.

Maybe I'm just a loopy old broad who believes in fairytales and heroes or maybe this is the only template that works toward anything resembling good old fashioned earthling sense. You will decide.


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