i heard a rumor

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That someone's writing about Putin using this doping thing to keep his athletes out of Rio... because it is unsafe... a target for a "terrorist attack"... and I put quotes around that because, yes, it would be terrorism, but it would be backed by forces quite more sophisticated than mere angry Muslims.

So, anyway, that seems an awful long way 'round Harvey's barn, but Russia, as we have so recently seen, has ace intelligence agents... so... so I am taking that into account as a distinct possibility, though not something Putin would have done lightly by any means. I mean, probably not, but maybe.

Or it's just flat out more vilification propaganda being helped along by people we might not think are easily corrupted. Whatever. State sponsored athlete doping is NOT Putin's style. If it were going on without his knowledge, heads will roll, but I tend to think it was flat out not going on and this is more horse shit to pile on to keep Putin from strengthening his hold on sane people.

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