is alex losing audience?

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Is the apathy spreading? Does anybody understand yet that it is media itself doing it? You're never not a mere spectator, and not even that sometimes, depending on what gets shown and what you watch. If there is not enough variation or enough new and unique content, you lose your ability to feel it.

It's more than just the flicker rate, and completely independent of what some call "entrainment". Just the press of fuck tons of news and propaganda and sitcoms and movies and documentaries and reality shows and nature and science and history and opinions and personalities and idiots and celebrities and rich people... the regular play of ludicrously unworthy audiovisual inputs, real, imagined or baldfaced lies.

Mox nix. It even takes longer for you to realize you need to pee, and unless you get enough pictures of food, you forget to eat, so how could you stay het up enough about Alex, about anything, to let it move you to even token action? Is anyone even trying clicktivism anymore? I hope not. That was pathetic on its face.

Do you even care anymore which "mass shootings" might have been real and which fake?

I don't.


Stupid headline of the day.

always and any time....