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After utterly unbelievable new permutation of pharmacy bullshit, I drove serenely, Zenly, amid mostly no novices on a sunny, yet not sweltering day. All pinheads in motorhomes, scooted expeditiously to the nearest pullout. Nobody was a jerk. It was fricken mellow as fuck.

Arrive-ved and sloooowly unpacked my shit. Got a good sunlit gander at how not clean my immaculate computer actually was and set about a semi-thorough spruce up job on Peggy and Jim's deck. When they get back from their wanderings, Jim, the expert, will dismantle me, hose me off, vacuum me up, generally make me sparkling, but I'm already much nicer than before.

Amazing what you can see in the sunlight that you cannot see at all inside my dark little hole. I purposely made it dark because it was too light and hurting me big time when I had my left eye trying to leave my face thing. I just left it that way because it's better for the abortion we call nines' sleep cycles.

Anyway. Hyere I is. All hooked up at last. Everybody's off at the music festival and it's just me'n Teddy here arguing on whether it's acceptable to bark when you are merely bored.


I will have convinced him by Wednesday, for certain.

New hot tub is out in the middle of a mini redwood grove. Gonna be a rough couple weeks.


always and any time....