out of gratitude

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I still link Tony's talks and interviews when I can. There is so much lucidity in the midst of his insanity, even when he is completely off down the garden path and clear 'round the bend, definitely not taking an objective look, there's still lots of sense amid the nonsense.

I've given up trying to get him to calm down. I keep telling him I haven't seen a chemtrail in a couple years and he keeps insisting they've offshored them for the West Coast. Indeed I've seen satellite images of grid patterns out there, but it flat out just is NOT that every single thing that ails you is dropping out of the sky, and even if it were, how many will be helped if you don't just concentrate on fixing the ailments and skip alienating people with all the wild talk?

You ignore him at your peril, but also you will heal better if you just go fish around in his YouBube videos. There are hundreds of remedies there.

If there's something really bad that you can't handle alone, contact him. He gives his email on all his videos. He will save your life, even if you can't pay for the consultation.

always and any time....