pet sitting is an endlessly scientific adventure

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Teddy is a terror. Terrible Teddy. He is slowly losing his habit of acting like a total jackass at whim and kind of checking to make sure I'm not going to frown upon it before he succumbs to his maniac urges. By no means perfect, but already improved.

There is a sixteen-year-old alarmingly skinny cat here who is both a lovaholic and a big threat to Teddy's tender parts. He makes maybe twenty of her, but his aggressively friendly impulses are going to lose him part of his nose or one of his eyes at any time. She doesn't even flinch.

So he eats like a cat and she eats like she's traumatized... like almost not at all... and seriously not at all where the highfalutin healthy kibble is involved. So I have been in my white lab coat working on these problems.

Teddy's meals require you pour boiling water on the kibble and very thoroughly stir in about a third of a can of wet food to produce a somewhat softened kibble in tasty gravy. No more abandoned half-eaten meals.

The cat, inherited from someone else fairly recently, is just "cat" to me, since her name is idiotic and not one you'd use with her in any case, but she's sixteen and her teeth are probably not up for the kibble, but she's so skinny it's better she eat the nice fattening wet junk food anyway. She eats that right up when she's hungry enough, but the minute she's back with regular meals, she leaves half of it to attract the dog, the ants, the wasps, the flies, the misplaced foot.

I have discovered that she eats the whole thing if you stand there and watch her.

So you will understand why I have to have my coffee and pull myself fully together before I feed them breakfast.

always and any time....