salmon aren't values

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They're life itself.
For the first time in the event’s 54-year history, the Yurok Tribe had to remove salmon from the menu at this year’s Klamath Salmon Festival, because of the record low fish run.

“This was a very difficult decision. We hope that all festival attendees understand that this was the only responsible option,” said Thomas P. O’Rourke Sr., Chairman of the Yurok Tribe.

The Yurok Tribe puts on the annual Festival to provide an opportunity for the whole community to unite in celebration of the Klamath River. The famous chinook salmon lunch, a highlight of the long-standing event, has always been a part of the festivities. Sharing this best-quality salmon, cooked the traditional way over an open fire, is a point of pride for Yurok people.

“Salmon and hospitality are both traditional Yurok values,” Chairman O’Rourke explained.
And have been, here, for at least twelve thousand years.

You heard me whining about this while they were letting the watershed burn down last year, and now you need to help me say a little prayer of thanks to the cosmos that ANY came back this year.

always and any time....