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The psychopaths wouldn't just be losing the EU. It would be NATO as well, and the UN would be on the verge of becoming a functioning entity. So they CANNOT allow peaceful interaction between distinct geopolitical entities. It would all slip away from them then. They know they will lose outright if they don't have a good enough excuse to assert full spectrum dominance outright. So you have to break a few eggs to make that omelette.

They are very clearly frantic now. So close. So close. Sooo close. And everything is very near slipping from their grasp forever. Everything except the United States, that is... and Canada.



I'm not dead. Just nearly dead. I drove home because I'm too wiped from lack of sleep to continue my summer holiday making... going double chill pill tonight. Because I nearly couldn't get my computer back in my house. I mean I seriously almost couldn't carry it. Felt something like three times heavier than it is. My arms are quaking. Always worst in the arms.

I took Branscomb Road back over to 101 instead of doing the choochoo on the suicide stretch at the end of Hwy One. The tourists are thick this year. Very thick. They don't do Branscomb Road. It was MELLOW. Just me'n the loggers and some gazillion trees.

It would have been HOT in Laytonville and Garberville today if it hadn't been 700ยบ in the Central Valley today. I fear for the lives of BB2 and jo6, though, because the reason it wasn't scorching inland a few miles from the ocean is because the wind was HOWLING in the battle between the sea fog and the Central Valley heat.

I mean, it was warm, but nothing the go-cart air conditioner couldn't handle... because the wind was mixing the sea air into what would have been miserable heat. I lucked out. If it had been a hotter drive, I'd've had to get a motel and a slave to carry my bags. Wiped. Wiped. Wiped.

If you are reading this, I'm in bed now.

always and any time....