i don't know if i mentioned this already

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A few years ago I lost my cool watching this guy riding that horse. The horse was clearly going to be a big talent in the dressage arena, but Castilla was a SHIT rider. It was HORRIFIC. WORSE by far than if they'd strapped a sack of potatoes to that stallion and set him in the arena.

I can't remember anyone with a worse shit equitation than this guy.

And he didn't deserve his mount.

So I let him know. In no uncertain terms. On YouBube.

Well, that fucker took it to heart. He's much less offensive now, if not, still, the best in terms of riderly form. So. I have to point out that this is a MAN. If some pissed off old bitch can nail your ass like that and you heed her and do better, THAT is real manliness.

He got to the Olympics. Of course, not anywhere near the medals, I'm sure, without even looking, since there is such a monster prejudice against Iberian dressage horses, but, still, bravissimo, Claudio.

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