kettle of fish

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DNC is accusing Russia of the hack. Snowden is a liberal. Is he implying Russia did it out of solidarity with the not-liberal DNC, or is he doing it to warn Killdawg and her minions they do not want to go so gangster on Russia just now, which would ratchet down the anti-Russia propaganda a tad if they heed his warning.

But Hillary doesn't heed anyone but her masters.

So is he talking to them?

Aren't you loving getting to hear it?


And... ya think maybe he had permission... or what?


EXCEPT, and its taken me a few hours to catch:

Weren't the DNC leaked emails from this year?

[Why, yes, yes they were....]

So he's also communicating that maybe it's not who they think it is after all? WTF?



What Snowden was saying is that the DNC [and all the entities the NSA hacked] were accessed by hackers of the NSA server/s. Even though the NSA may have moved everything to other server/s, the original hacker/s still have access to all the entities the NSA was spying on... unless they moved their stuff off their hacked servers, and evidently the DNC did not.

Sorry. It took me nearly five hours to put that all together. I'm not that good at thinking devious thoughts until really pressed by this kind of vexation to do that.

But I oughta know better right away with this international hacking business.

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