let me briefly translate

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Hillary's "personal" email server allowed Iran to find the mole, who almost certainly didn't even know he was one until it was far too late, who effectively signed the death warrants for so many of his former associates, and even knowing the price he would pay for his horrendous mistake, he went home to face it.

Do NOT believe a word on this piece of shit rag that explains it, except for the brute facts. Hillary's hacked emails outed him and he paid the price.

Hillary is not being prosecuted for killing all those scientists, or this one, or any of the other deaths, even the ones she brags about, let alone the ones we know she caused. Far from it. She's being installed as President of the United States, whether we like it or not.

I have been linking the indicators here for a week or so, or talking about them, and my ONLY point is that you cultivate the will to see clearly. Nothing good comes until you do that.

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