very true donald

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But didn't you used to brag about paying for playing?

Still, I can readily see why so many people are passionately in his camp.

It is my opinion that the media are cranking so hard against him now to overcome the perception of his actual popularity. It is a fact that his rallies are filling stadiums and hers aren't filling restaurants, but the object is to install her as president.

It isn't mandatory she actually win.

It's only mandatory there is a strong enough perception that she is the hands-down favorite for the office.

If all this bullshit coming from every mainstream direction about Trump doesn't work, and the world still sees him as the favorite he is, he's going to have to resign as the Republican candidate in a fit of righteousness over something or other so some putz, any putz, can take his place and be seen to lose... even if we would rather have any putz than her.

I had been thinking he wouldn't run against her any longer than it took to really fuck up the balloting in a few key states, because he would not like the ordeal and humiliation of "losing" to her in November, but I think that deadline may have passed or will very soon, and then it finally occurred to me that, silly, he doesn't have any choice in the matter. He doesn't get to be a billionaire if the people behind Hillary don't want him to be.

They can make his billions disappear, and any number of his loved ones, on him very easily, so I think they will let him resign in a fit of pique when they know they've got it rigged well enough that few believe he's actually ahead, but if not, they'll make him go the distance for the team, make him lose by one of those historically close margins that have been so "popular" in all American elections for so long.

always and any time....