a brand new man

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I don't think he needed the antibiotics or the attempted sterilization of skin and nose and mouth parts at all. I think it's just a matter of introducing the good bugs that kill the bad. Yes, just to be sure, I guess, but, no, I don't think they're necessary. Good bugs are almost always victorious over the bad bugs in nature. The bad bugs only proliferate where there has been too much pathogenic activity to the good ones, or no good ones to begin with.

A new microbiome isn't the cure unless you cease doing the stuff that causes the bad bugs to proliferate. Chief among the activities that do that, of course, is eating sugar... too many carbohydrates... but also the shit they're putting in the food-flavored plastic at the supermarket, and the pesticides and hormones and preservatives in meats and produce.

The main one is sugar... booze, ice cream, cookies, pies, pasta, bread, sodas. And you can't just leave it at that. You need live culture fermented food. Plain yogurt. Raw sauerkraut. Kimchi.

And, no, it does not do to just add the good food to the bad because the bad keeps getting its sugar. You have to weaken it, starve it, so the good bugs hold the day. I'm worried for this guy, now that he's cured himself, that he'll favor the profligacy of whole packages of Oreos over keeping his new gut biota healthy. So maybe he won't be pooping five times a day anymore, but diabetes and/or other unlovely things await.

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