i can still hear granny fussbudget

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Screaming about nazi, weatherless, criminal California, waxing lyrical about the virtues of Tulsa, where there is weather and culture and you can smoke cigarettes and drink decent soda pop. Since he pitched that hissy, there have been two tornadoes zipped through there, flooding, a large [for Oklahoma] earthquake and hundreds of medium ones [for Oklahoma], and cops killing people for drill just like the entire rest of the country.

I tried to tell him that the slums of SoCal on an internet business income are nothing like a teaching job with internet income on the side in NoCal.

Just because you can memorize history, spot juicy stuff in primary sources, piece together wild and entertaining scenarios and plot revenge on people you're too pusillanimous to fight, doesn't make you better than anyone who likes pop music over classical, doesn't mean you have a lick of sense.

always and any time....