put on your protective gear

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You need to know about some of this stuff.

I forced myself for another two hours here... second day in a row... and I am now in the throes of transcendent gratitude to the buddhas of the ten directions for helping me drop the mental conditioning sewn onto my brain to see that for what it is.

Breathtakingly audacious spin, in opposite directions, hard enough to knock over anyone not buckled to their seat. More despicable by orders of magnitude even than The Donald at his transcendent worst.

For so much of my life I could not fathom how conservatives found so much fault with Frontline. So. Even as I have seen it for the propaganda organ it is for nearly twenty years now, maybe never before has it been this transparently trying to deceive its audience.

Actually, the tornadic air masses blowing off that video, and these other bits of information that have dropped since last night's debate, may have loosened a couple ceiling beams here.

always and any time....