stop shopping at amazon

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The last five times I have tried to make purchases there, which I only do when I can't buy whatever locally, despite careful attention to free shipping offers, the orders never came out to be free shipping. I catch it before it happens now because I learned they add the shipping anyway, and I have to check a special box to actually get it free, by getting the wrong total one time when I checked out. I immediately cancelled that order.

Thinking I had learned the ropes, I ceased making that mistake, but began finding the free shipping did not apply to all the items ordered as promised. So I backtrack and find, no, these all have to be of a certain ilk to get the free shipping, and, pfeh, I'm not going to buy a bunch of extra shit to get that free shipping, and now I'm not buying it from Amazon because they just wasted a bunch of my time and patience.

The stores here stopped carrying my coffee filters a few months ago. No amount of hopping up and down fixed it. I went to order them at Amazon this morning, found I could get a twelve pack of hundred-filter boxes for $36 and FREE shipping, but when it came to checkout, the shipping was $34 and the total $70... no special box for the free shipping offer. So I did not place the order.

Every time I have nixed these Amazon orders, and gone elsewhere with my business, I have gotten the items for less and often with free or radically lower shipping... AND without resorting box store patronage.

I just got half that coffee filter order for $23 and free shipping. If I'd gone the full twelve, and maybe should have, it would have been $46, delivered. $24 cheaper than Amazon.


always and any time....