don't make the typical american mistake

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Despite the continuing disintegration of US/Russia relations, do not default to the typical American mental conditioned notion that the people in the rest of the world are not smart enough to counter "us" or resist "our" military might.

Just because we, as a whole, really are too stupid to realize who's running our country, doesn't mean they are, and doesn't mean the secret insider resistance isn't equipped to deal personally with them. No, they're not going to just plain attack the psychopathic fucks until it's literally do or die, but you and I both know that is the ONLY reason it's not already one global government.

As I've heard Michael Tsarion warn many times, don't ever forget that great evil ALWAYS contains the seeds of its own defeat, and those seeds ARE well sprouted, despite the terrorizing going on. The terror is ALWAYS about keeping the population witless and unable to unite. Always. But that does not mean everyone in a position to resist will not do so, and extremely effectively.

Happy Birthday President Putin.

always and any time....