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I had just gotten up, put my glasses on, and snapped it. It's so dark in here when there's storm cloud cover that it's almost indistinguishable from night. This computer takes crap color pictures unless it's full daylight and all my iritis-accommodating blinds are up... and even then, it's not great. They swore this machine would have a better camera. It does not. The images it spits out are a little bigger. Period.


The sun came out between monster iron grey clouds this morning, and, shock and awe, I rolled outta here to go get shit done. Horrifying squawks outta my engine, soon as I turned the key. 17" of rain over four and a half days, I'm thinking, probably just made the belts wet. The space age go-cart drove well, but it is time for an oil change. So I stopped to schmooze with the kids at Dutch Brothers and get a quad breve to sip while the guys at Oilcan Henry's changed my oil and checked everything.

The guy said my oil was clean and did I really want the change? Yes. The last one was in Arizona on the way back from GeorgeAnn's a couple years ago. Plus, the air filter was filthy... which is odd because it was barely dirty last time. Anyway, then I hopped across the street and stocked up on food and stopped at my favorite gas station to fill up the tank before I came back here.

I'd've had them wash my car, too, but the rain was so hard it's really not dirty anymore. Took the bird poop off everything, completely... didn't, of course, do much to thwart the spiders. Told the guys at Henry's they were going to have to fight the spiders to get to anything under the hood. The fellow pumping the gas for me at the station — Oregon gas is waaay better than California gas, and it's illegal to pump your own there — was smiling and singing as he worked.

I remarked about what a happy guy he seems to be today. He said, "It's not raining! The sun is out!" Gawd he musta been miserable working the past few days. It's been raining almost completely solid from about midnight on the morning of the 13th clear through until after midnight this morning, with a few hours' break on Saturday afternoon and Monday afternoon, alternating between solid rain sitting on us and fast thunderstorms racing over in rapid succession.

The trees are out there singing too. It's so funny. You wouldn't think you could tell the difference between regular evergreen trees — we've got redwoods, fir, cedar, and some sort of not Japanese pine in abundance here — and extremely well-watered ones, but the difference is immediately VERY apparent. So not only are our cows happy, but our trees are gleeful. I don't give a fuck about the Easter lilies. Even though that's our claim to fame in this town. The fuckers raising them poison us all regularly.

I forgot butter.

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