i don't like it

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We've already had the PTB doing this shit to us for decades, now it's WikiLeaks. Obviously, a message to someone. I hope a message to MacFadyen that something he's in charge of should get released or given to someone for some reason, but it could mean a bunch of different things. We don't even know for sure if it is WikiLeaks even operating their TwitFace account anymore.

[F]or man to do anything intelligent
he has to know what's actually going on.

—Julian Assange

Since truth and lives are at stake, I can't pitch a total hissy and melt down the pipes, but I feel like it.



Note no cause of death mentioned. Condolences to Gavin and his family came out a couple days ago. This might be that a terminal illness was finally disclosed at the eleventh hour, or MacFadyen was maybe in an ICU somewhere. Why would they leave this up to the imagination after WikiLeaks set the world ablaze wondering about this for many hours?

Do you begin to see why I'm questioning the disappearance of everyone WikiLeaks-related and the intentionally cryptic or just outright weird or strangely repetitive tweets over the last week?

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