i just listened to last night's debate

[click image]


AND I DIDN'T LOSE MY ZEN. I only started having to work at not losing it about ten minutes before the end. I am letting others show off my muscles and dance my victory dance so as not to offset this minor victory with too much idiocy. But this has been a major stumbling block for me, and I finally didn't disappoint myself.

I may even vote for Trump on the off chance he would actually put Hillary in jail. I mean, probably not, but seriously maybe, because she's all lies and egregious felonies and, while I hate half of his policies, I love the other half, and, being certain the psychopaths won't let him do any of them except maybe punish Killery for discommoding them... I might vote for him.

Yes, probably not, but I don't have Walken's permission to elect him and if Trump remains serious and strong all the way up to election day, I might vote for the possibility he'd put her in jail.

always and any time....