i know i mentioned this before

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But I really think you should bookmark Tony's podcast site. I don't know how many regular podcast things he's going to do, but he puts up his radio interviews and his radio show at this site when it suits him to do it. I do not have the patience to track all this "nano" business he's so glued to discussing lately, and he's still giving out the remedies, the means of pulling out toxins and shit that doesn't belong in your body.

He is on fire about this stuff because he has Morgellons, and that is one vexing problem that needs minds like his working on at least alleviating the worst of its disasters. I feel certain that somewhere in his little constellation of online outposts lies each bit of reference material to back up everything that he says, but it defeats me sooner or later every single time I try to get in there and dig on one thing or another.

Always amazing stuff, even if it derails me from my quest, I can't fault the content in any other way than the horrifically disorganized way it's put out there.

This is the man who saved my ass when my doctor was a brick wall. This was the person to whom I turned when I decided that doing anything, anything he might suggest in order to feel well enough to keep living was my last shot before I would go out and buy a gun to use on myself. He took it in and rapped down my prescription in the blink of an eye. I followed it to the letter... and... that was over three years ago now.

Apart from the recent doctor-induced near death experience, over all, taking Tony's advice turned me back into a healthy person after fully eight years of feeling like total crap and not being able to live my life. So. Bookmark him.

always and any time....