i think we have our answer about ohitlist and indians

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He's been honeydicking them like the Clintons did blacks. It is sickening how people fall for smarmy and insincere words and ignore actions. I guess they're too zombied by the fluoride in their water to get the fluoride out of it and since Prozac is fluoride, I bet any moment now you are going to catch my drift and stop drinking tap water, right?

This woman trekked the Andes from Quito to the very southernmost tip of South America ten years ago, and it was not pretty, but she made it. Now she's a filmmaker working with the the guy who did Gasland. I listened to her talking with Chris on his podcast from a rowboat last night, but she's a totally inarticulate bore and it's not worth your time. Getting her out of jail, though, is.

Or maybe she and Amy can share a cell for the perfect enviro publicity stunt.

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