information fuckery

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As you so well know, I've been having kittens over this fucking hurricane. First it was for threatening to ruin my plans for my friend's well-deserved retirement, and then it was for scaring and killing people on its way to Florida, and then it was for continually seeming to want to track east and tracking west again at the last moment before full commitment, and then it was for the internet fuckery that would not yield up a coherent picture of what was actually taking place.

I understand that hurricanes are extremely prone to deviating wildly even from the most expert predictions, and I understand the costs of people not taking warnings seriously enough, but I have just witnessed the PTB fucking up access to data that would ease the terror for millions of people in favor of keeping those millions terrified.

I don't care what the justification is, it is removing people's ability to discern for themselves how best to take care of themselves and their loved ones. It is UNacceptable under any circumstances, and if there's ANY chance this fuckery has been merely an unfortunate confluence of blunders in site content and function on the system of pipes, that is even more offensive, but there is little chance that is the case. Nope. There has been intention to wind data sites giving out WILDLY diverging information and satellite images blinking out at crucial moments and visual aids failing to place Atlantic land masses in proper relation to each other and hairdos screaming insane threats on live tv about certain death when the only thing happening is more pine needles hitting the ground because it's a little windy out.


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