it's getting wet out there

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Not just damp, but wet. The other morning I got up and it was a tad chilly, so I put on my alpaca sweater to get the coffee happening and take my pill and check my messages, but before my day could get off to its proper start, I was overheating. The temperature had just gone up about ten degrees in the space of about fifteen minutes. Then, after an hour, it was raining and then it stayed marvelously overcast with intermittent showers.

This one is just full on rain.


BB2 confirmed my suspicion that comments aren't working again this morning. Unless he changed his settings on his browser, to no cookies at all, I think this means everyone. If you would care to give it a try, maybe we can figure out if it's us or them, or I can just turn comments off and stop frustrating people this way. Easy enough to just click on the link to contact me on every post if you need to make an outburst.

Whatever. I'm completely exhausted with the perfidies of the complicated system of pipes. TwitFace hashtag feeds for breaking news and big deal phenomena are nearly complete wastes of time, unless you manage to get to them immediatement, va pronto, the armies of paid mindfuckers flood them with false leads so fast you are worse informed than before you clicked through to them. If you've the patience to get to the very first posts, you learn a little.

Sketchy as you might find certain TwitFace handles, there might be decent information on some of their feeds.


Yesterday, I finally caved in to the need for a larger monthly coffee order. I was doing pretty good at ten days a pound, but it's been closer to seven days a pound for nearly a year, and the last days before the next shipment have been getting worse and worse.

First I bought a jar of instant coffee to help me get from running out to the next delivery. Then I switched to buying half a pound at the store, and thinking my consumption would lower over the summer and three pounds a month would stay the right amount overall. Well, we just went through the summer and the three pounds never gets me through on its own anymore.

So. Four. Nicotine and caffeine are good against Alzheimer's. Did you know that?

I bet you didn't.

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