i've been freaking out

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Since the last of the monster rainstorms we have been getting little thunderstorms sailing over, and right in the middle of seeing some bullshit Anonymous guy declaring Julian dead and/or removed from the embassy, of course, one of the storms finally zapped the power long enough to leave me screaming. Had to wait for that cell to pass before I dared turn my machine back on.

This is a total shitstorm. I was screaming about Anonymous being horse shit, and maybe even government-sponsored horse shit, and someone assured me that is also the position of someone called FBIAnon on 4chan.

I am, however, still not satisfied that Julian is okay because he hasn't come on his TwitFace account to declare himself alive and well and not arrested or abducted. Those fucking "pre-commitment" keys he posted some hours ago made everybody think it's time to open the insurance files.

So. I'm a little less miserable, and a little more hopeful that felon will be nailed for Clinton Foundation crimes, but, dammit, you've all been watching too much tv.

Give me a break!




I might have to take another chill pill to get to sleep. My heart is pounding.

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