my pet peeves

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Obviously, the faking of news is way up there, but the thing most likely to make me shut down on you is the crap mentioned in the image. Too many smart people do this, do not even really realize they're doing it, and making them realize they're doing it makes them melt down instead of open up.

You try to devise strategies for helping them over this hurtle of knowing you're doing something ugly but not realizing it fully enough to stop attacking anyone who gets too near it, wake up from your cognitive nap and do better.

Everybody does it a little, but men do it harder, and smart men harder still, and, guess what? Nothing improves ever anywhere never forever if people don't awaken from this action. Nothing is real but this cacophony of passive-aggressive self-seaking lies. Politicians are only extreme examples of this and the vast majority of them are completely incapable of turning over a new leaf.

Don't be like psychopaths. Wake up.

always and any time....