no. really. chumps.

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I am about two thirds through this, and if it's Curtis building a case for Killdawg's WWIII, I'm throwing a brick through my monitor. I guess I'll let you know when I'm through this.


Adam Curtis failing to name names; making it look like the West is all power-tripping bunglers; making both Syria and Russia seem like real enemies; turning a documentary purporting to show our mindfucking turn into globalist propaganda. They must have scared the crap out of him after his Power of Nightmare series.

Not word one about Soros and all the pushbutton revolutions made to look like innocent accidents of cyberspace backfiring on bumbling idealists.

Ignoring Hillary’s hand in all this and making Trump look worse even than he is.

Unless BBC is just taking his raw footage and editing it themselves, that's one terrified by this nightmare man leading more of our children into ruining more of humanity for the fun and profit of psychopaths. I don't care how badly they frightened him, he's one of them now.

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