shot my wad keeping matthew from bb2

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And I fried myself in weather space last night. I felt the storm wanting east. It kept almost going and then wobbling back and forth between north-northwest and almost due north, trying to range east from it's northwest, but it's looking slim for the turn east this morning. Not impossible and I'm certainly leaning that way, but looks like the Florida real estate chumps are gonna get it something karma plus.

I mean, it's easy to call them chumps, because they are, but they're also real people and a lot of them fucking nice ones who don't deserve this shit, so I lost my cookies for them last night, dealing with that wobble and fuzzy ass eye. On the one hand, wobbly, fuzzy-assed eyes tend to imply hurricanes weakening, but this one just turned back into a 4 after diddling around in 3-ness and maybe only slightly east of the forecast.

I'm confining myself to THIS MAP to watch what's happening. Too many different maps, not all keeping the various islands in the same relation to each other, sends you down a deep well of trying to see for yourself what the fuck is really going on.

Don't fall for all those brightly-colored bells and whistles because they make it seem even worse than the apocalyptic it already is and they help you fall into the trap with that fucking wobbling eye blues.

So, I said all this to explain why I'm just going to listen to Chris making an ass of himself for a couple hours and try to leave the hurricane to the buddhas of the ten directions for now.


1pm, PT

Hard time getting that map to fully load and then lots of glitches, but the eye has DEFINITELY turned to a due north track after passing above Nassau. Definitely.

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