to all the old progressive-fascists who won't speak to me anymore

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I am hoping that this means it finally got too thick even for Mike. I know the pressure is intense to stick with the herd, to take shelter in some mainstreamish circles, but these are not the times for cowards. These are times for heroes. This might be a sign of heroism taking hold of Papantonio for real.

I am going to have to see it to believe it, but just taking the job with RT while Hillary's flying monkeys are banging their war drums so loudly few can think is a good sign. Also Jesse will be doing election night coverage for them and we already know for sure he's a hero.

For my fellow hard left libertarian unicorns, thank you for not turning into skulking globalist toadies, and try to remember who they had to kill to get this far.

always and any time....