he wasn't serious until he got the love

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But Melania, obviously, isn't thrilled. Or. He's prepping for Dealey Plaza. I do really think the insider resistance got to him and he signed on... without consulting his family. And that is maybe why I am ready to stop thinking of him as just a glitzy buffoon. Dunno for sure.

I just know nothing would have made me glad he was elected... beyond just relieved it meant Clinton would go away... but somehow I did end up glad... in the feelings, not the mental activity. The only explanation for that I can see is that Trump took on the responsibility I've been wanting to see, dying to see, in elected officials, especially presidents, ever since 9/11.

His wife and son will be much safer in their golden tower.

You can read this like I've left my senses, or am winding up to write a novel, but I'm just telling you there's only one thing to make sense out of many disparate phenomena over the last decade or so, and while my skull computer's frequently wrong, my feelings never are. So try not to be mean.

He might love us more than we deserve.

always and any time....