i hate this man

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You might not know this, but I have a lot of experience with crazy people and demented people. They are attracted to me because I can communicate with them. It requires solidarity where there are not words, and I came into this world completely equipped in that department. It isn't something I ever cultivated.

I've "talked" a bunch of people out of suicide. I had to put quotes around that word, because although there were spoken words involved, there were as many or more transmitted telepathically. Don't worry. I can't do this unless we are in close proximity and the emotional pitch is much higher than normal. I can't do this except when it's real.

But I have to tell you that every "crazy" person I've ever met is so much saner than this world it turns into lethal pain plenty often, and this piece is about a woman too beautiful to live here being molested by a wild pig who needs to be shot by Ted Nugent on one of his machine gun out a helicopter pig slaughters.

always and any time....