pussies all over america are making a run for it

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I can't believe I am happy Donald won, but I goddam am. I am because quite a lot of people who I love and admire were desperate for this to happen. Personally, I was only desperate for Hillary to lose, desperate for a chance to beat back the psychopaths. I think Donald is going to meet some murderous resistance, and wonder what he can do to really fix even some of the multifarious things that are wrong, but I hope with all my heart we are getting what we need.

I am so proud of America for saying no to corruption. I know most of the people voting for Hillary are flat ignorant of the horrific felonies she has committed... determinedly ignorant... willfully ignorant... every bit as bad and worse than the ignorant Dubby supporters we reviled so roundly. Unfortunately, I think most of them will still refuse to learn.

I have never enjoyed a Republican administration in my life, unless maybe it was Eisenhower before I knew what a president was, but there is a chance I won't hate this one that much. He wants to be friends with Russia. He doesn't want any more war. He was a Democrat for a long time... until he woke up to the fact that they never deliver. There's a good chance he will demoralize the rabid SJWs enough that they will shut up and go get a life... or get so much louder nobody's going to want to be near them anymore.

He's not a right winger. His party doesn't even like him. This could be a lot better than we think. And I, for one, am going to try my hardest to keep a positive attitude about it.

I'm going to try not to die inside if he doesn't let the DoJ prosecute the Clinton Foundation corruption.

And, look at it this way, we may have just averted WWIII.

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