something i haven't brought up in a long time

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Do remember that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization stated something like a decade ago that the plan was to swallow as much aggression from the full spectrum dominance freaks as humanly possible while they could strengthen their own militaries and let the psychopaths drain their bank accounts sufficiently to avoid WWIII.

The only weak part of that plan, I've felt, was the difficulty in actually draining psychopaths' bank accounts when they don't even use them, don't actually have any money and never did. They just move zeroes around in cyberspace. They let real wealthy people be real wealthy people up to the point where their wealth might cause problems and then they either make sure no problems will be caused by it or the real wealth disappears.

Simple. Elegant. Impregnable.

Other than that, though, and with some heavy losses in South America and the ongoing carnage ringing Russia, the neocons have not been able to crack the resolve of what we used to call the nonaligned nations, aka the rest of the world, to keep their countries and peacefully do business with each other... the not Western "Civilization" types across the globe.

Brexit was a bad loss for the globalists, and Trumpxit is an even worse loss for them. Richly deserved losses, but don't feel too sorry for them. They have not been shot off world and their ability to fund vicious mayhem with an ultra-black economy and imaginary money is unscathed.

The best we can hope for is that they retreat back into their mansions and underground bunkers or under their rocks to regroup, to reassess, to either come back out shooting or wooing new influence peddlers.

They make it so ornate and so consequential to the stomach that almost nobody ever cottons on, but your greed for what they have to offer is the ENTIRE reason we have this world.

Perhaps with that in mind you could listen to Trump's victory speech with new ears?

always and any time....