we could be happy about this

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We could genuinely try to be happy about it because it sucked from the outset and they DID promise to make it better and then only made it worse. You might think about taking my word for it, too, because I'm someone who ought to know. I am a bonafide poor person whose only perk has been medical coverage, and that coverage has gone to shit since that fucking abortion of an "Affordable Care" act came into effect.

Think of the liberation of admitting to yourself that the Democrats never were offering universal coverage. That was only ever words. Their deeds showed it was really a free pass for insurance megaliths and heavily minimized care for poor people to spread it to some slightly less poor people. So this shakeup could end up getting us candidates in the future who will deliver REAL universal health coverage.

Enough Democrats could awaken out of their globalist hypnosis to get back to grass roots. This vivid illustration of the difference between words and deeds could be the salvation of this country.

Just takes people learning the right lessons from the world, and primary among them is to always watch what they DO... no matter what, it's the words that fuck with you.

always and any time....