you fuckers wouldn't vote for my candidate

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DESPITE knowing in your walking around consciousness that he is the best man for the job... so don't get pissy about me trying to have a positive attitude about the one we ended up with. Do try to remember that it could have been ten times worse, no matter how bad he gets.

Yes, I've seen disconcerting headlines, but did not pursue them. I'm back where Tom Bodett can wake me up to get back on the road. Red Bluff... which is quite a switch from my winter wonderland estate living of the past week.

Billy is practically a chain smoker, but WON'T do it indoors. So we spent a great deal of time out on his deck with the beautiful view, in various states of bundledtude. I do not get cold, or not uncomfortably so, until it's down to about 30º out. It got down to 19º out there a couple times, but mostly it was over 30º.

I am the proud owner of a fancy camera from someone very dear to me that my eyesight prevents me from using until I've been back to the optometrist, else I'd be posting arty shit of blobs of snow on pine boughs and the beaver dam that was not too far off from our little smoking section on the end of his deck. I could have taken some in the automatic mode and just had a general view for you, but I've already seen those and they don't look anything like it looks there.

Yer on a deck with pines to your right and to your left. You look across an expanse of beaver dam territory that has turned Coldwater Creek into a multitude of streams and ponds that is just now solid snow, with frozen streams and ponds. The ice thaws a little in spots and you can see brown sticks that are bushes in the spring and mounds of expertly-gnawed wood that contain happy and warm beavers... who don't bother going outside to smoke. On the other side is more pine trees and houses, but you mostly can't see the houses. Then off behind those are mountain peaks that show off clouds to ultimate advantage.

Billy's old. He's filled with anxiety about this move. I am thinking he's not going to end up happy about all the shoveling there that would replace all the yard work at Stinson he is trying to lose, but, hey, maybe having to move his butt at high altitude will keep him fit so he'll live to a hunnert'n twenny.

Point being: We spent the entire week either at his house or his sister's and 90% of that time on his deck or hers. A great deal of food was also consumed. Apart from ONE small ladle of gravy, nothing with grain in it passed my lips. Yes. I do mean I did not eat ANY stuffing. I had pumpkin pie... by scraping the pumpkin filling off the crust.

Paragon of wisdom that I am.

Unwilling to barf up my Thanksgiving meal.

Do you realize I knew a time when Motel 6 charged $6 a night?

always and any time....