deeply dishonest hero abuse

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It's exactly this kind of shit that sent so many real liberals to vote for Trump. Maybe this bitch is just ignorant, doesn't know better than to spew this self-serving crap, or just feels too entitled and too exceptional to grok what a thoroughgoing jackass she's made of herself for as long as anybody can read this piece.

Hunter would under no circumstance do or say anything like this stupid bitch declares here, like she can say it because her grandfather gave him his first break, but she can say this shit, this despicable twaddle, because, of course, Hunter's not here to put his klieg lamps on her and show the world the pile of maggots that wrote it.

Her "nicer and smarter and better" "new world order" is, and has always been, the pursuit of full spectrum dominance, of global control, and Hunter would use her teeth as a Brillo Pad on this crock of baked-on shit.

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