despite the sense of relief

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I can tell you there's nothing mysterious about this, and no one should make the mistake of thinking this will ease up on 20 January... not because Trump's inauguration might not signal a break in the power structure and remove executive sanction from this stuff, but because even its removal won't be enough in itself to stop it.

The control mechanisms of the psychopaths permeate everything government and media related. Assuming they cannot intimidate him into ceding control, which is, after all, only a remote possibility, even with a president completely determined to wrest back our country, our planet, from them, he's not going to be able to stop them pulling their puppet strings in the more covert areas, the places where they, not we, command the loyalty of individuals in fact.

There will be men and women whose loyalty to us has not been verified and anywhere within the vast extent of the imperium the psychopaths' manipulation will still execute successfully. We can hope they won't want to employ them, but when their backs are to the wall, they are the most dangerous of all.

We need to guard against our unhappiness with Trump's ideological choices automatically causing us to assume he's one of them. I have forced myself to pay attention to him, to look at stuff I would never bother with before he became the Republican nominee, and I don't think he's a psychopath. I think threatening his children and grandchildren will prevent him helping to liberate us from these ceaseless perfidies, but we do not know yet if he has the ancestral mettle to risk everything he holds dear.

We're only used to those who do not.

Try to bear that in mind.

And never forget they fear exposure most of all.

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