excuse me, but

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I have turned off comments.

I'll show you.

No, actually, I've reverted to type and do not want anyone feeling obliged to say something when they don't really want to, and the commenting on this platform is a drag anyway, on both ends. So you can email me with any gripes, accolades, things to add or, of course, love letters, and we'll all be fine.

I am, today, filling the countryside with herds of cows over the linked bit of revisionist history. That movie was maybe THE most-hyped movie in my history with films and the young lady was avidly engaging in that movie and Marlon Brando. I don't give a trillionth of a shit what she said later. It was a lie. Everybody was fucking everybody back then, and she was bragging about it full time... at the time. I know because I was jealous.

Makes me crazy that they're dredging up this horse shit now. It makes no woman safer and the general enfeeblement of humans and their gender identity is the point of this crap... this baldfaced lying.

you can still pipe up any time....