i don't think putin is this stupid

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I don't know if Trump is either, but it's very worth listening. Engdahl is thinking "rebuilding America's defenses" when we're falling for a rebranding as MAGA. That might be so.

It might just be the different factions of the psychopathocracy at work again, but I don't think Engdahl is taking into account the insider resistance I am convinced is there. However, I might not be taking into account that a faction of psychopaths has been working full time to convince me of that.

There's no end to it, really. Really not.

Seriously really not.

Which is WHY this maniac is at you full time to spiritually awaken, no matter how time-consuming or useless you think it might be. There is NO way out of this hall of mirrors if enough of us continue to refuse responsibility for ourselves.

pipe up any time....