if this is even true

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Do you realize that Putin is killing the perps and Ohitlist, our anti-[speak-about]-torture president, is arming them?

Have you got this straight?


Well have you? Here, let me help you.
But it is not only the western media which has been hopelessly one-sided in its coverage of events. I have been deeply shocked by the heavily politicised role played by western charities and relief agencies. And sure enough, reports reaching me today from an independent source in Syria indicate that now the Syrian government has taken over most of the ex-jihadist held areas of Aleppo, those western agencies and charities that were screaming for a ceasefire so they could get aid in to the communities, have lost all interest now that it is safe to do so and the Syrian government is begging them to go in. They appear interested only in servicing rebel-held areas.
Clearer yet?

Do we call them USIS or ISUS to help you out? You miserable brainless fucks who call yourselves "progressive"? When do you get the picture that you are the tools to turn this into a totalitarian state, a closed society, a frankly fascist province of Earth Government?

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